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Market Haul
Hope you all are having a wonderful day ☺️ Here’s a look at a majority of the food that I bought for the next 5-6 days (a few items not pictured). I would estimate that I spend an average of $15-20 a day on all organic produce which covers meals and snacks. I normally go for the fruits/veggies on sale, grab some of my staple items and throw in as many new things as I can! If you’re looking to keep costs down google “dirty dozen” for a list of the most contaminated produce to help you prioritize your organic purchases! I picked up some extra dried fruits since I’ll be traveling this week 😁 Dried turkish figs, dates and mulberries are the perfect snack when I’m on the go. I hope these posts are helpful! Just stay in the produce section and you’ll be good to go!

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